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iPhone SE is a compact model with all features that iPhones have at an affordable price. The latest generations of the series include iPhone SE (2nd gen) 2020 and iPhone SE (3rd gen) 2022. No matter what generation you’ve, nobody wants to experience an iPhone SE not working. And we’re here to solve all the problems at our iPhone SE repair store in Clearwater.

Were you searching for an iPhone SE repair near me?

If so, you came to the right place. Welcome to Ur Broken Phone, the best-quality iPhone SE repair stop. Whether you need:

  • iPhone SE 2020 repair
  • iPhone SE 2022 repair

High-quality iPhone SE repair service in Florida

Ur Broken Phone provides a top-rated iPhone SE repair service in Clearwater, Florida. We cover all types of issues related to the iPhone SE fix. In addition, our repairs are quick, efficient, trustworthy, and of the best quality in the town.

iPhone SE screen repair

Got a broken screen? Not a problem anymore! Although a broken screen might make you feel hopeless. Along with difficulty using the phone smoothly, a cracked or broken screen can also make it more sensitive. However, we can get you a quick iPhone SE broken screen fix.

On the other hand, a nasty drop can break the phone’s rear side. This can make the device more vulnerable as the cracks provide a straight path for water and dust to move inside, resulting in more damage. So, visit our iPhone repair store for the best iPhone SE back glass repair.

iPhone SE water damage repair

Apple is making its phones more resistant to liquid damage. However, accidents happen. And an unlucky moment can get iPhone SE through water damage. Here are a few quick precautions you can do:

  • Move the phone away to a dry place.
  • Unplug the cables if connected.
  • Turn off the phone if possible.
  • Dry out the phone using a soft cloth or a towel.

If you’re still not sure whether the phone survived or you’re feeling some abnormality. Just give a visit to our iPhone repair store. The qualified techs will take care of everything and deliver a quick iPhone SE water damage repair. The repair experts will look for possible damages and repair or replace the parts with our premium quality parts in stock.

iPhone SE battery replacement

The iPhone SE battery may reach its age. There could be other hidden reasons for the battery not working well. However, if you’re feeling more frequent discharge, a swollen battery or the battery is completely dead. Then you need to visit Ur Broken Phone for iPhone SE battery replacement with our premium quality batteries in stock.

iPhone SE charging port repair

If the battery is in good condition but still not picking the juice correctly, not charging up at all, or the phone heats up while plugged in. Then, you need to step into our professional iPhone repair shop for a fast diagnosis of the problem. We will remove any bug on the phone, including iPhone SE charging port repair if required.

iPhone SE button repair

Are you facing stuck or broken iPhone SE buttons? Well, it’s not something uncurable. The problem could be anything from dust stuck in the buttons to internal defects. However, visit our repair store and get:

  • iPhone SE home button repair
  • iPhone SE volume button repair
  • iPhone SE power button repair

iPhone SE speaker repair

You don’t need to go anywhere else if you’re feeling a muffled, distorted, or no sound. Just visit Ur Broken Phone for high-quality iPhone SE earpiece repair and iPhone SE loudspeaker repair, depending on your phone’s requirements.

We fix it all!

We understand your frustration when the phone is broken or acting abnormally. In fact, Ur Broken Phone provides the best-quality iPhone SE repair in Clearwater. Our repair is quick, efficient, and satisfactory.

Our iPhone repair experts are available all day long to get the device fixed and deliver it back to you ASAP. In addition, we provide top-quality work at a very affordable iPhone SE repair cost. So, please stop by our iPhone repair center and get your phone fixed right away!

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If you are looking for a smartphone repair store near me, please contact us at (727) 777-2526 and avail of our repair services in Clearwater, Florida.

Visit our store at 2547 Countryside Blvd Suite 2, Clearwater, FL 33761 to avail of our Repairing services at an affordable price.


If your iPhone SE 2020 or iPhone SE 2022 is broken or needs a repair, Ur Broken Phone is the best option for you. Our store’s iPhone SE repair cost is very affordable with a fast turnaround.

As a professional iPhone repair store, we can do iPhone SE water damage repair. So, visit Ur Broken Phone, the best iPhone repair service in Clearwater.

If your iPhone SE screen is cracked or broken, you can get it fixed by visiting a professional store for iPhone SE screen repair in Clearwater.

There could be multiple reasons. But it mostly happens when the charging port is faulty, or the battery isn’t functioning well. However, you can get any of the problems resolved at our iPhone SE repair store in Clearwater.

If the iPhone SE back glass is cracked or broken, with difficulty handling the device, the water might leak inside the phone. So, before any further damage, visit Ur Broken Phone for a quick iPhone SE back glass repair.

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Our iPhone repair experts are at your service all day long to bring your phone back to normal. In addition, our repair work includes premium quality parts in stock. However, our iPhone XR repair cost is highly affordable. So, do contact us or visit our iPhone XR repair store in Clearwater.