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Professional iPhone XS repair in clearwater

Our mobile phones keep us in contact with the rest of the world, but if there comes up a problem with the device, it cuts off our connection. There is always a risk of damage when carrying an iPhone XS or any other smartphone. So, get in touch with the best iPhone XS repair store in Clearwater in such matters.

Whenever your iPhone XS gets damaged or stops working due to any reason, you must search for an iPhone XS repair store near me. Ur Broken Phone provides the best iPhone XS repair.      

Our repair XS processes

When the customer brings the damaged device to our store, the team of experts diagnoses the problem with the gadget. Diagnosis is always free of cost. Our team will start the repair once you accept the quote.

Services we offer

Following are the most common repair issues we deal with:

  • iPhone XS screen repair
  • iPhone XS Battery replacement.
  • iPhone XS Back Glass repair
  • iPhone XS audio repair
  • iPhone XS camera repair
  • iPhone XS charging port repair

iPhone XS Cracked screen repair

Suddenly you dropped your phone, and it got broken. You must have a repair. Ur Broken Phone provides the best iPhone XS cracked screen repair.

You may encounter a cracked or broken screen when the phone faces a hard hit. However, there could be other reasons for your phone’s screen not responding like some internal defect.

But don’t worry, our experts can handle all these problems properly. Furthermore, our iPhone XS screen repair cost is highly affordable.

iPhone XS battery replacement

If you’re mobile turns off while using or it shows the message of battery low on the screen after every few hours. There is a problem with the battery of the device.

The gadget needs a battery replacement when looking for an iPhone XS repair store. Ur Broken Phone is here to provide you with services.

iPhone XS back glass repair

Slight negligence may hit your iPhone so hard that its back gets shattered. It affects the look of your device as well.

Therefore, to return the normal look of your iPhone, you require iPhone back glass repair done.

Our experts at Ur Broken Phone are always present to counter all kinds of problems related to iPhone XS repair.

iPhone XS charging port repair

If you connect the mobile to the charger and after a long time, the mobile is still not charged when you look at your device.

Instead of searching for iPhone XS repair shops. Visit Ur Broken Phone iPhone XS repair store and get all your device’s problems resolved.

iPhone XS water damage repair

An accident happens, and you’re iPhone XS gets a dip in a washing machine, pool, or glass of water. It can face issues related to water damage. If your device is damaged, it should have an iPhone XS water damage repair.

Come to our store, and let our technicians look into your gadget. Our team will solve any problem your iPhone will have.

iPhone XS camera repair

Having a problem with the camera of the iPhone XS can destroy your special moments therefore if you want to capture memories and relive the moments. It would be best if you had an iPhone XS camera repaired.

We provide the best iPhone XS repair in Clearwater. Come to our store and have your issues resolved.

Contact Us

Are looking for an iPhone XS repair store near me, please contact us at (727) 777-2526 and avail of our repair services in Clearwater, Florida.

Visit our store at 2547 Countryside Blvd Suite 2, Clearwater, FL 33761 to avail of our Repairing services at an affordable price.


If your iPhone XS screen is cracked or broken, you might be thinking of replacing the entire phone. But Ur Broken Phone is here to provide the best iPhone XS screen repair service. Our iPhone XS screen repair cost is highly affordable without compromising the quality of work.

Yes, we can do it. If your iPhone XS faces a water damage situation, you don’t need to panic. Bring your phone to our repair shop. Our repair experts will dry the water and moisture out of the device, look for possible damages, and repair it immediately.

Ur Broken Phone provides the best iPhone XS screen repair service. With our repair experts, you don’t have to wait all day long.

If your iPhone XS charging port is not working correctly, Ur Broken Phone can fix it. You can get iPhone XS charging port repair at a very affordable price.

Yes. We can fix it! Bring your iPhone XS with a cracked or broken screen to Ur Broken Phone in Clearwater and get your device repaired in no time.

Why Choose Us?

At Ur Broken Phone, all kinds of iPhone XS repairs are done, from broken screen repairs to water damage repairs.

The team of experts is thoroughly trained and experienced at Ur Broken Phone, and we are committed to restoring your broken device to its normal condition.

Our technicians never sacrifice quality, and we can complete any repair within the shortest period possible!