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A laptop gives us the advantage of working anywhere, anytime. With the increase in its use, users have started to face more problems with their devices. To counter all your laptop-related issues, Here at ur broken phone provide the Best laptop repair Services in Clearwater.

While doing your work, if you notice that your system is not working properly or it stops suddenly, you should search for a laptop repair store near me without further delay. Visit Ur Broken Phone, the best laptop repair store!

High-Quality Laptop repair store in Clearwater

Ur Broken Phone is one of the most reliable laptop repair stores across Clearwater. We provide quality laptop repair service for all brands and operating systems like Windows OS or Mac OS.

Common repair issues we deal with:

Being one of the best laptop repair stores, we deal with all issues a laptop can face. But the most common problems we fix are as follows:

Laptop Broken Screen Repair

The laptop you’re working on can face a broken or damaged screen due to any reason. You might be thinking of how to repair a laptop screen. There is no need to panic. Your device needs a quick repair, and Ur Broken Phone provides screen repair service for all laptop brands.

Please take some time out of your busy life, visit our store and let our experts have a look at the problem your laptop is facing.

Laptop keyboard repair

It is so often that the keyboard gets damaged, as some keys stop working. You must be wondering how to repair a laptop keyboard. However, don’t worry, as we’ve got you covered.

Reasons for laptop keyboard not working

 A keyboard can malfunction due to several reasons, such as:

  • Keys may get stuck due to the dust in their gaps
  • Something spilled over the keyboard
  • There could be a problem with the keyboard panel


If you’re facing these problems or similar ones, we got a team of experts to look into all these issues and diagnose the problem. Bring your defective system to our store and get it restored within a short span of time.

Laptop Battery replacement

The working of a laptop is dependent on its battery to work remotely. When it gets older, the output of the system gets affected as well.

Sometimes battery starts draining too quickly. To overcome this trouble, you need a battery replacement. However, you can get a laptop battery replacement swiftly done. Ur Broken Phone provides premium quality laptop batteries to get your device back to normal.

Laptop Charging Port repair

Does your laptop overheat while plugged into the charger? Does it charge slowly? Do you have a loose charging port for the laptop? Well, you don’t need to face the issues anymore! Ur Broken Phone is where you can get your laptop fixed in no time.

So, bring your laptop to Ur Broken Phone, Clearwater’s leading laptop repair shop. Our expert repairing technicians will fix the laptop charging port repair problem immediately.

Laptop Hardware Repair

The reason behind most of the hardware problems is shorting or dust entering the system and making it unworkable. Common hardware problems are

  • Hard drive replacements
  • Black screen
  • Motherboards
  • Laptop shutting down

 You can find many laptop repair places, but we have the best team of experts to properly solve all hardware-related troubles in a proper way and reconstruct them within a short period of time.

Laptop Software fix

If your laptop is under a malware attack, whether you are dealing with a corrupted application on your laptop or you need an operating system update. All these issues need to address quickly.

There can be several laptop repair shops in your area, but Ur Broken Phone provides reliable software-related fixes and system update services in Clearwater.

Services We offer

Our Services include

  • Data Recovery
  • Virus and Malware removal
  • Software update and installation
  • Operating system update
  • Hard drive, processor, and SSD installation and upgrade

Contact us

If you are looking for a professional laptop repair services store? Then, Visit Ur Broken Phone. You can contact us or visit our store at 2547 Countryside Blvd Suite 2, Clearwater, FL 33761. 


Why Choose Us?

Ur Broken Phone is the leading laptop repair store in Clearwater. Our experts are well trained and highly qualified to tackle all your laptop-related problems.

Don’t worry if you suddenly come up with a problem with your laptop. Visit our repair store, leave it to our technicians, and we will get you covered!

Ur Broken Phone believes in quality, and we provide premium quality parts. Our laptop repair cost is comparatively more affordable.

Frequently Ask Question

If your laptop screen is cracked or broken, you can find a quality laptop repair store in Clearwater. Ur Broken is here to provide the top-quality laptop repair service in the town. You can get your device repaired with the best laptop screen repair cost.

If your laptop or MacBook speaker isn’t working properly (poor sound) then you need a laptop speaker repair. Our expert team at Ur Broken Phone will help your out with the microphone or speaker related problems. Our team will find out the root cause of the problem and will fix it right away.

If your laptop’s keyboard is stuck or not responding properly, you can use an external keyboard but that’s not a permanent solution. Bring your laptop to us for a quick and satisfactory keyboard repair in Clearwater.

Our experts at Ur Broken Phone can rescue your laptop from water damage. It may cause permanent death of your laptop but you don’t have to wait long. Visit our store for high-quality laptop water damage repair with cost-effecitve turnaround.

If your laptop’s WIFI isn’t working properly or its loosing the connection again and again. This may cause due to WIFI hardware or driver issue. Ur Broken Phone will go through free diagnosis of your laptop to find the actual reason, Our experts will let you know about the repair solution and will get started right away.

If your laptop battery need more frequent charge than before or the battery isn’t picking up the juice at all. It means your laptop battery needs a replacement. We at Ur Broken Phone offers best laptop battery replacement service in Clearwater. We don’t compromise on the quality. That why we offer premium quality batteries, parts and accessories to our customers.

What People say

Carmen Landers
Carmen Landers
Manny was very generous with his time and helpful. I highly recommend UR Broken Phone.
Superb job!!
Quick, pleasant service and very reasonable prices. RECOMMEND! I'm from out of State and broke my cell phone:(
Robert Jones
Robert Jones
I have been here a few times and have not had a chance to place a review. This place has always been top notch. Have had phone screens repaired here for years. Fast (usually within 90 minutes), reliable, and great prices. Thanks you for doing great business!
Eyal Fuhrer
Eyal Fuhrer
impressive service
Kevin Bourgeois
Kevin Bourgeois
Took care of my wife and I very quick! Called 5 places and he had the best price! We will refer all friends to him!
Violet Rose
Violet Rose
Fast, and well priced vs. others. I recommend.
Ken Vrana
Ken Vrana
Brought in my phone for repair and received excellent service and a better price than the others I checked.Would highly recomend to anyone
Suzanne Stapler
Suzanne Stapler
The owner was so nice and helpful. He let me use his phone and found a number on my phone for the cell phone company.
jack ferrari
jack ferrari
Got my water damaged phone repaired on the 4th of July. Very professional and knowledgeable.