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Handling a cellphone always has a risk of damage in parallel. It’s so frustrating when the phone hits a hard time. However, you can get your device back to smooth running. You might be searching for a professional cell phone repair store near me. So, here we’re to give the best answer to your query.

Ur Broken Phone is providing top-quality cellphone repair service in Clearwater. Just step in for the best cellphone repair of all models like iPhone, Samsung, Motorola, LG, surface, ZTE, Google phones, and, iPads.

Our common cellphone repairs include:

Cell phone Broken Screen Repair

A cellphone broken screen doesn’t mean you get to buy a new one. Yet, it’s not the end but the beginning of the new life of your device. If your cellphone’s screen is cracked or broken, you can get it fixed at Ur Broken Phone.

Our qualified repair experts are here to provide the best cellphone screen repair in the town. We offer premium quality cellphone LCD repair parts in stock. However, you can get the most affordable cellphone screen repair cost with a quick turnaround.

Cell phone Back Glass Repair

New cellphones are coming with a back glass. It gives a nice look to the phone but it could result in a nasty break if there’s no protective cover. All the main circuits and components are attached to the backside which makes it more sensitive to moisture and dust.

However, you can get a professional cellphone back glass repair in Clearwater. Just visit Ur Broken Phone and let our cellphone repair experts put the device right using premium quality parts in stock.

Cell phone Water Damage Repair

The cellphone manufacturers are making the devices more water-resistant. However, the phones are not completely waterproof. Although you can avail yourself of a cellphone water damage repair if your device came in contact with water or other liquid.

if the device came in contact with more amount of water, it may cause damage to the phone. Please don’t plug it into a charger and avoid using it for a while.

Step in Ur Broken Phone for cellphone water damage repair. Our professional repair experts will dry the moisture out of the phone and will repair any possible damages.

Cell phone Battery Replacement

There is a certain life span of the batteries in a smart device. Your cellphone may start losing the charge quickly, the battery is swollen, or the phone isn’t turning on. These signs indicate that a cellphone battery replacement is required.

Ur Broken Phone provides the best cellphone battery replacement for all models and brands. With the belief in providing top-quality repair service, we use premium quality parts and accessories in stock.

Cellphone Charging Port Repair

Your cellphone may not turn on because it isn’t picking up the charge. The phone may charge slowly, or heats-up while charging. These signs show a cellphone charging port issue. But you can visit Ur Broken Phone. Our professionals will have a look at the phone if it requires a cellphone charging port repair or if there’s any other possible damage.

Cell phone Camera Lens Repair

Most people consider a cellphone with good camera features. But an unlucky bump or some internal defect can stop the camera from working.

You can get a quick cellphone camera lens repair at Ur Broken Phone. Our team of expert technicians is capable of handling any cellphone repair. So, don’t wait any longer and make your phone brand new once again.

Why chose UR broken phone?

Ur Broken phone is a leading smartphone repair store in Clearwater. We offer top-quality cellphone repair service at the best affordable cost. However, we use premium quality parts and accessories to ensure the best repair solution for our customers.

Our team of professional techs is qualified and experienced in the cellphone repair industry. We will get back to you with a quick turnaround once your phone repair is done.

So, call us for quotes or any queries or walk-in for the best cellphone repair right away.

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If you have any queries, or you want to book an appointment to repair your device, then you can call us at (727) 777-2526

For more information or for an appointment to repair Samsung devices you can contact us or visit our store at 2547 Countryside Blvd Suite 2 Clearwater, FL 33761, USA.

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Ur broken phone will fix cell phone home button in less then 1 hour. For more Detail Call (727) 777-2526

Take  your cellphone from the water as soon as possible and carefully dry it with a clean towel. If the phone is turned on, turn it off right immediately. Bring your smartphone to Ur broken phone repair store and get free diagnose. If your cell phone screen is fully damage then you need to replace it. For more detail (727) 777-2526

Your broken phone is repaired with one-of-a-kind replacement components that conform to the device manufacturer specifications. So, while we can’t guarantee that our parts are “from any brand,” we can ensure that our repair components are of high quality, and our guarantee is in place to protect our consumers.

Cell phone Speaker is made of an extremely thin material that vibrates extremely quickly. If it is damaged, it may stop functioning. Ur Broken Phone can replace your cellphone speakers on the same day at affordable price. For more Detail call 
(727) 777-2526

YES! If your cellphone LCD screen cracks by accident, you have the choice of repairing or replacing your damaged or cracked iPhone screen. Ur broken phone offers SmartPhone damaged screen repair and iPhone water damage screen replacement.

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Carmen Landers
Carmen Landers
Manny was very generous with his time and helpful. I highly recommend UR Broken Phone.
Superb job!!
Quick, pleasant service and very reasonable prices. RECOMMEND! I'm from out of State and broke my cell phone:(
Robert Jones
Robert Jones
I have been here a few times and have not had a chance to place a review. This place has always been top notch. Have had phone screens repaired here for years. Fast (usually within 90 minutes), reliable, and great prices. Thanks you for doing great business!
Eyal Fuhrer
Eyal Fuhrer
impressive service
Kevin Bourgeois
Kevin Bourgeois
Took care of my wife and I very quick! Called 5 places and he had the best price! We will refer all friends to him!
Violet Rose
Violet Rose
Fast, and well priced vs. others. I recommend.
Ken Vrana
Ken Vrana
Brought in my phone for repair and received excellent service and a better price than the others I checked.Would highly recomend to anyone
Suzanne Stapler
Suzanne Stapler
The owner was so nice and helpful. He let me use his phone and found a number on my phone for the cell phone company.
jack ferrari
jack ferrari
Got my water damaged phone repaired on the 4th of July. Very professional and knowledgeable.