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iPad is one of the most famous devices among tablets. A larger screen makes the navigation experience more amazing. Furthermore, its high-performance processor and battery make it a perfect choice for people of all ages. Perhaps, you would probably worry about the risk of damage to your iPad. If your iPad is damaged, you don’t need to bother about it as you can easily search for a professional iPad repair shop near me.

Ur Broken Phone, iPad Repair Shop in Clearwater

Does your iPad need a fix? You don’t need to look around. Ur Broken Phone, a leading iPad repair store in Clearwater is providing top-quality repair services. Whether you need an internal or external repair for iPad Air, iPad Pro, or any other iPad model, we can fix it and will make your device as good as new.

Repair Issues We Fix at Ur broken phone

iPad Screen Repair

A larger screen has a higher risk of damage if it falls on the ground. It may cause a cracked or broken screen resulting in making your navigation difficult. A long crack may result in distortion of colors or multiple cracks can make the iPad difficult to work.

visit Ur Broken Phone, the best iPad glass repair shop in the town. We are providing top-quality iPad screen replacement services. Our iPad repair experts are qualified and have years of experience in the industry. We are providing affordable iPad screen repair costs. Visit our store and get your iPad fixed in no time. 

iPad Battery Replacement

iPad is one of the strongest devices in the tablet family. The battery of any electronic device has a specific lifetime. Some indicators show that the battery is about to die or died.

  • iPad not turning on
  • iPad battery dries out faster
  • iPad battery seems swollen
  • iPad not turning on
If you’re facing the above-mentioned or similar problem, you need an iPad battery replacement to do ASAP. Saying ASAP is because a battery issue may create more issues in your device. If you need an iPad battery replacement, visit Ur Broken Phone, a high-quality iPad repair shop in Clearwater.
We, at Ur Broken Phone, are providing premium quality iPad spare parts. We aim to provide the best services with affordable repairing costs. Our experienced repair experts will make your iPad as good as new once again without taking it all day.

iPad Water Damage Repair

iPad is claimed to be water-resistant to some extent but there’s a limit to its resistance. If your iPad fell into water or some liquid spilled over the device, you would need an iPad water damage repair quickly. What you need is to try not to use your device, try to turn it off, and do not plug it into a charging brick.

If you’re facing an iPad water damage issue, try to visit a professional iPad repair shop. We have the solution to your problem. Ur Broken Phone is providing a high-quality iPad water damage repair service in the town. Our iPad repair techs will take care of your device by drying it out.

The next thing they’ll do is to look for the damages that occurred due to water intake. Fixing the iPad water damage repair issue won’t take much time as we’re aware of the patience the client has to do.

iPad speaker repair

It’s quite frustrating when you can’t hear any sound out of your iPad. You may be facing an iPad speaker problem. This can occur due to the dirt and dust entering inside the vents of the speakers. Some internal faults in the iPad speaker can also cause the issue to appear.

However, you can get an iPad speaker repair or iPad earpiece repair done quickly and with affordability. Step into Ur Broken Phone and let our repair experts fix the problem right away.

iPad camera repair

The iPad camera makes the tablet a complete package. You won’t be able to enjoy using the iPad to the fullest if the camera is not working. A sudden fall, camera glass damage, or any unknown defect in the internal components may stop the iPad camera from working.

Don’t stare at your device helplessly anymore! Stop by Ur Broken Phone and get a high-quality iPad front camera repair or iPad back camera repair done swiftly. We provide the best iPad repair service with our premium quality parts in stock.

iPad charging port repair

Is your iPad not charging? Is it charging slowly? Does iPad heat up while charging? If your iPad device is showing the indicators, there are possibilities that the charging port is not working properly. You need to consult a professional iPad repair shop in clearwater to get your device’s issues fixed.

Ur Broken Phone is the one-stop solution to your iPad repair issues. If you need to fix the iPad charging port repair problem, visit our repair store in clearwater. Our iPad repair experts are here to make your device back to normal once again.

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If your iPad screen breaks accidentally, you can fix it right away Just visit Ur Broken Phone in clearwater. Our experts will fix any iPad issue within no time.

If your iPad’s speakers are not working properly like low sound or no audio. You can bring it to our iPad repair store in Clearwater. We’ll have a look at the speakers and will let you know whether it needs an iPad speaker repair or replacement.

Are the volume buttons of your iPad not working properly? This may cause due to buttons getting stuck, broken, or some internal defect stopping the buttons to function. Visit Ur Broken Phone, the best iPad repair service in Clearwater to get the iPad volume button fixed.

If your iPad is water damaged, you don’t need to freak out! Well, you can get your iPad water damage repair done quickly, effectively, and efficiently by visiting Ur Broken Phone. Our qualified and experienced technicians will take care of your iPad by drying it out and repairing the damaged components.

If your iPad is unable to connect with the WIFI properly, turn on the flight mode for a minute or 30 seconds, and then turn it off. Now try to connect with the local WIFI network. If you’re still facing the same problem. Bring the iPad to Ur broken phone store in clearwater so we can have a look at the root cause of the problem and fix it right away.

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Carmen Landers
Carmen Landers
Manny was very generous with his time and helpful. I highly recommend UR Broken Phone.
Superb job!!
Quick, pleasant service and very reasonable prices. RECOMMEND! I'm from out of State and broke my cell phone:(
Robert Jones
Robert Jones
I have been here a few times and have not had a chance to place a review. This place has always been top notch. Have had phone screens repaired here for years. Fast (usually within 90 minutes), reliable, and great prices. Thanks you for doing great business!
Eyal Fuhrer
Eyal Fuhrer
impressive service
Kevin Bourgeois
Kevin Bourgeois
Took care of my wife and I very quick! Called 5 places and he had the best price! We will refer all friends to him!
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Violet Rose
Fast, and well priced vs. others. I recommend.
Ken Vrana
Ken Vrana
Brought in my phone for repair and received excellent service and a better price than the others I checked.Would highly recomend to anyone
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Suzanne Stapler
The owner was so nice and helpful. He let me use his phone and found a number on my phone for the cell phone company.
jack ferrari
jack ferrari
Got my water damaged phone repaired on the 4th of July. Very professional and knowledgeable.