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No one wants to risk damaging their phones. But it can happen! All electronic gadgets need wear and tear, even if it’s not damaged by accident. Therefore, if you’re a Samsung phone user and need a repair, you would probably look for a Samsung repair store ,or search for solutions on the internet, like the Samsung phone repair shop near me!

Ur Broken Phone: Samsung Phone Repair Shop In Clearwater, Florida

You don’t need to go far! Ur Broken Phone provides the best Samsung phone repair service in Clearwater, Florida. Whether you need to fix a smartphone from the Samsung Galaxy A series, Samsung Galaxy Note series, Samsung Galaxy J series or any other model, we can repair it back to its normal condition.

The Repairs We Deal With Daily

Here is a list of issues we deal with daily. In addition, we provide the best repair solutions to our customers to make your Samsung Galaxy phone back to normal.

Samsung Galaxy Screen Repair Service

Most of the Samsung Galaxy models come with an ultra-HD screen that provides a smoother user experience. However, Samsung phones’ screens are scratch-resistant, but a big bump can break the touch screen.

A Samsung phone’s cracked screen is essential to get repaired. Because if you delay the fix, it will cause an expansion in the cracks on the screen as the days pass. Moreover, a cracked screen is open for water droplets and dust particles to enter the phone. This will damage the internal components of the phone.

Is your Samsung smartphone screen broken? Don’t wait any longer! Visit Ur Broken Phone. We are a leading Samsung Galaxy screen repair shop in Clearwater. You’ll get your phone fixed in no time. Also, our Samsung phone screen repair cost is very flexible compared to other stores in the town.

Samsung Galaxy Water Damage Repair

If your Samsung Galaxy phone fell into the water, first, try to remove the sim-card jack. Secondly, dry it gently with a cloth or towel. Remember! Please don’t plug the device into the charging brick. Try not to push the buttons and not apply a hairdryer as it can worsen the damage.

Bring your Samsung Galaxy water-damaged phone to Ur Broken Phone for fast and effective service in Clearwater. Our smartphone repair experts will open your cellphone, dry out the internal mechanisms, look for and remove any debris in the device, go through testing of the parts, and replace the permanently damaged pieces.

Samsung Galaxy Battery Replacement

The battery of any smart gadget has a specific period. The average charge cycle for a smartphone is 400 to 500. But sometimes, it dries out before the claimed lifetime. Some indicators show the battery of the cell phone is about to die.

  • The Samsung Galaxy needs a frequent charge
  • The Samsung Galaxy phone shuts down
  • The Samsung phone’s battery is swollen

Certainly, these symbols show that your Samsung Galaxy phone needs a battery replacement. Bring your cellphone to Ur Broken Phone for quick battery replacement service in Clearwater. Our shop has the best tools to make the process faster.

Moreover, we provide premium quality phone parts without compromising on the quality of our repair work. Visit our store or contact us for more information.

Samsung Galaxy Charging Port Repair

  • Is your Samsung phone charging slowly?
  • Does your Samsung Galaxy phone overheat while charging?
  • Is your Samsung phone not charging at all?

You definitely need to repair the charging port in view of these questions. So, don’t wait any more! Instead, visit Ur Broken Phone, a one-stop repair solution for Samsung Galaxy phones. Our expert repair technicians will bring your phone back to normal without taking extended time.

Samsung Galaxy Camera Lens Repair

Samsung smartphones are known for their camera and picture quality. What if your phone’s camera stops working?

Ur Broken Phone provides the best-quality Samsung Galaxy phone camera lens repair service for both (front and back) cameras in Clearwater, Florida. Once you bring your phone into our store, our repair experts will take care of everything else. And you’ll get a quick turnaround by bringing your cell phone back to normal.

Why Choose Ur Broken Phone?

Ur Broken Phone provides Samsung Galaxy phone repair service in Clearwater. We are a team of expert techs with years of experience in the cell phone repair industry. Moreover, we provide premium quality parts and accessories to provide the best repair solutions.

Our repair work starts with free-diagnosis of your cellphone to find out the actual reason that’s causing the problem in the device. Then, our repair experts will let you know about the solution and the cost without any hidden charges.

In addition, Ur Broken Phone aims to provide the best service to our customers. That’s why our Samsung Galaxy phone repair cost is low compared to others in the town.

Contact us

For more information or for an appointment to repair Samsung devices, you can contact us or visit our store at 2547 Countryside Blvd Suite 2 Clearwater, FL 33761, USA.Call (727) 777-2526

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If your Samsung phone is not turning on, try to force start your phone by pressing the power button for a longer time. If the phone is still not responding, bring it to us at Ur Broken Phone, the best Samsung galaxy phone repair store in Clearwater. We’ll have a free diagnosis of your device to find out the reason that’s causing the problem.

At Ur Broken Phone, we’re providing the best quality repair solutions for your Samsung galaxy phones. However, we offer comparatively affordable repair service in Clearwater

We can fix it. Ur Broken Phone repair services will help you schedule a walk-in repair to fix your phone’s cracked screen using premium quality parts.

Repairs can usually complete in same day, while you’ve to wait in some cases. But Ur Broken Phone will make sure you get the phone back as soon as possible.

It would be worth replacing if your Samsung galaxy phone is not more than two years old. Yet, you can get a quick battery replacement at Ur Broken Phone

What People say

Carmen Landers
Carmen Landers
Manny was very generous with his time and helpful. I highly recommend UR Broken Phone.
Superb job!!
Quick, pleasant service and very reasonable prices. RECOMMEND! I'm from out of State and broke my cell phone:(
Robert Jones
Robert Jones
I have been here a few times and have not had a chance to place a review. This place has always been top notch. Have had phone screens repaired here for years. Fast (usually within 90 minutes), reliable, and great prices. Thanks you for doing great business!
Eyal Fuhrer
Eyal Fuhrer
impressive service
Kevin Bourgeois
Kevin Bourgeois
Took care of my wife and I very quick! Called 5 places and he had the best price! We will refer all friends to him!
Violet Rose
Violet Rose
Fast, and well priced vs. others. I recommend.
Ken Vrana
Ken Vrana
Brought in my phone for repair and received excellent service and a better price than the others I checked.Would highly recomend to anyone
Suzanne Stapler
Suzanne Stapler
The owner was so nice and helpful. He let me use his phone and found a number on my phone for the cell phone company.
jack ferrari
jack ferrari
Got my water damaged phone repaired on the 4th of July. Very professional and knowledgeable.