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Is your iMac frozen? Are you facing a black or blue screen on the startup? Does your IMac hard drive run out of space? Don’t worry! You can make your iMac get fixed without searching for a “professional iMac computer repair store near me” on the internet anymore.

Do you need a quick iMac repair in Clearwater? Well, you don’t need to go far! Ur Broken Phone is here to provide the best Apple iMac repair service in the town.

Top-quality iMac Repair Store In Clearwater, Florida

Ur Broken Phone is a leading iMac repair store in Clearwater. We deal in all iMac, iMac Pro, and iMac mini models. Our iMac repair experts are here throughout the day to give you quick, effective, and 100% satisfactory services.

Here are a few common iMac repair issues we deal with most often.

iMac isn’t turning on.

This issue is caused due to various reasons. For instance, some fault in the power supply, logic board not working properly, graphic card not responding or any other.

If you’re facing these issues, the first thing you can do by yourself is to check the power supply cables, power cord, and the power button. Unplug and reset the connection. This may resolve the problem. If the problem persists, you need to consult a professional iMac repair expert in the town.

Ur Broken Phone provides the best iMac repair service in Clearwater. Bring your iMac to our store, we’ll have a free diagnosis of your computer. This will give our iMac repair experts a clear picture and go through the necessary repair work right away.

iMac Running Slow

Is your iMac running slow? There may be two reasons.

  • Some hardware defects caused the iMac to slow down.
  • Underpowered components like CPU, RAM, or hard drive.
  • Software-related issues.

However, you can quickly and efficiently resolve the iMac running slow issue with Ur Broken Phone. Our team is qualified and has years of experience in IMac repair service in Clearwater. We’ll get your iMac back to normal by resolving any hardware or software issues.

iMac Operating System

Is your iMac OS outdated? Are you facing a boot-up problem? Are there any unresponsive applications on your computer? You can quickly get your iMac’s operating system installed, updated, and troubleshoot the problems.

What you need is to visit our iMac repair shop in Clearwater. We also provide software applications installation and up-gradation for your iMac computers.

Spinning Beach Ball

The Mac requires 15 to 25 GB of free space in the hard drive to process the tasks smoothly. If your Mac is short of space, you’ll continuously see a spinning beach ball on the screen.

If you’re facing such a problem, you can visit Ur Broken Phone for Clearwater’s best Mac repair solutions. The service we provide related to this particular problem includes:

  • Junk data removal
  • Hard drive update
  • Hard Drive to SSD update

Virus Removal

Unfortunately, iMacs can get under attack by malware or a virus. Although iMac computers are more secure than other operating systems, viruses can still make their way inside the system.

If you’re facing such problems, Ur Broken Phone is here to rescue your iMac from danger. Our iMac repair experts are qualified to solve both hardware and software issues. We’ll remove the virus from your system and will work on it to make it more secure and protected.

So, if you’ve any queries or need some help, please get in touch with us or visit our Apple iMac repair store in Clearwater.

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Do you want a professional Apple iMac computer repair service? Then contact Ur Broken Phone at (727) 777-2526. You can also visit our store at 2547 Countryside Blvd Suite 2 Clearwater, FL 33761, USA.

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Carmen Landers
Carmen Landers
Manny was very generous with his time and helpful. I highly recommend UR Broken Phone.
Superb job!!
Quick, pleasant service and very reasonable prices. RECOMMEND! I'm from out of State and broke my cell phone:(
Robert Jones
Robert Jones
I have been here a few times and have not had a chance to place a review. This place has always been top notch. Have had phone screens repaired here for years. Fast (usually within 90 minutes), reliable, and great prices. Thanks you for doing great business!
Eyal Fuhrer
Eyal Fuhrer
impressive service
Kevin Bourgeois
Kevin Bourgeois
Took care of my wife and I very quick! Called 5 places and he had the best price! We will refer all friends to him!
Violet Rose
Violet Rose
Fast, and well priced vs. others. I recommend.
Ken Vrana
Ken Vrana
Brought in my phone for repair and received excellent service and a better price than the others I checked.Would highly recomend to anyone
Suzanne Stapler
Suzanne Stapler
The owner was so nice and helpful. He let me use his phone and found a number on my phone for the cell phone company.
jack ferrari
jack ferrari
Got my water damaged phone repaired on the 4th of July. Very professional and knowledgeable.