iPhone 12 Pro max Repair

IPhone 12 Pro Max Repair Clearwater

IPhone 12 Pro Max was released in 2020, which made its way to one of the highest-selling iPhone devices. Its 6.7 inches OLED display, 12 megapixels ultra-wide and wide back camera and 12MP front camera with multiple sensors will make you a pro photographer with an amazing normal user experience.

With such fabulous features, iPhone 12 pro max becomes the ultimate device for an iPhone user. You won’t like it when something is wrong with it or broken accidentally. It may create a panic situation, but you don’t have to worry as you can find Ur broken Phone: your professional repair services for iPhone 12 Pro Max near me 

IPhone 12 Pro Max Screen repair

With 6.7 inches high-definition screen, you won’t like iPhone 12 pro max with a broken or cracked screen. You would probably take care of your iPhone device, but a mishap can happen anywhere. So, if you need an iPhone 12 pro max screen replacement or an iPhone 12 pro max screen repair, visit Ur broken Phone.

A broken screen will not only make your iPhone device look ugly but also makes navigation difficult. It can also damage the internal components if a drop of water or liquid finds its way through the crack. Get your iPhone 12 pro max screen replacement at Ur broken Phone as we provide professional iPhone repair services quick and efficient.

IPhone 12 Pro Max back Glass Replacement

IPhone introduced its new devices with a back glass screen instead of a metallic one, which makes the iPhone look more graceful. Although iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro max back glasses are made up of strong material, still there’s a chance of cracking or breaking if it faces a hard bump.

An iPhone 12 pro max broken back glass can cause more damage to your device if not fixed on time. Like it loses its water resistance which can cause internal injuries. You can have your iPhone 12 pro max back glass replacement done at Ur broken phone as we have the latest machines to dissemble and reassemble your iPhone and make it look brand new once again

IPhone 12 Pro Max water damage repair

Although iPhone claims that iPhone 12 pro max can bear 30 minutes inside water. But it is possible when there are absolutely no micro-sized cracks. If so, you’ll end up damaging your iPhone device. Water leaked inside can damage the internal components of your iPhone 12 pro max.

Try to turn off your iPhone device if possible and avoid using it. We can fix your iPhone 12 pro max water damaged repair issues at Ur broken phone. Your iPhone device will be dried up in the first place and will have a free diagnostic session to look for the intensity of the damage that happened insole. This will not take all day!

IPhone 12 Pro Max Camera Lens Replacement

The iPhone 12 Pro Max camera is what people love this device for. The clicks are amazing with high pixel quality and high resolution. You won’t like it if your iPhone 12 pro max camera is not working properly. There may be multiple reasons for iPhone 12 pro max cameras not working.

The iPhone 12 pro max camera may not be working due to any damage to the lens or external glass blocking the view. The issue may be a cause of any software problem. If you’re facing such a problem, contact us at Ur broken Phone, and we will fix your iPhone 12 pro max camera lens replacement issue in no time.

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