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6 iPhone repair myths that are not true

We live in times when our daily lives are covered by smartphones. Whether you’re a student, a professional, a business person, or associated with any course of life, these handheld gadgets are everywhere. The reason is the evolution from a communication device to full-fledged mini computers.

iPhones are leading the smartphone industry nowadays. It made its way into the hands of the people due to its usability and defining features. But people lose hope when their beloved iPhone encounters a cracked or broken screen. The frustration and bumping of multiple thoughts in the mind are understood.

As professional iPhone screen repair experts, we are approached with multiple misleading opinions and queries about an iPhone screen repair. So, we’ve decided to discuss all the common myths and answer them.

An iPhone cracked screen affects the appearance only:

If you think that a shattered screen only makes it harder to use the phone. However, you may be wrong! A broken iPhone screen makes the device vulnerable to the external environment. A tiny drop of water, a dirt particle, or anything can enter the phone that could damage the internal components. So, it’s not advisable to stay with iPhone’s cracked screen longer. Instead, you should get it fixed ASAP.

A broken iPhone screen will never function the same:

This is one of the most common myths among iPhone users. It’s not true. You need to approach a professional iPhone screen repair store that’ll make your device as good as brand new. We at Ur Broken Phone use quality repair and replacement parts along with the help of our trained techs. So, we’re here to let you come out of this false belief.

The data may wipe out:

Most people have a perception that Apple can only do iPhone LCD repairs. However, the manufacturers are not the only ones who can fix your device. There are third-party iPhone repair stores that can be trusted. Our repair technicians are as trained and equipped as the manufacturing company has.

iPhone screen repair is expensive:

One of the most common and false myths among iPhone users is that the iPhone screen repair cost is expensive. However, this isn’t true. In fact, if you want to give a new life to your iPhone, getting it repaired is the best option. Ur Broken Phone provides the most affordable repair solutions that do not affect your budget.

Its time-taking

Yes, most iPhone repairs indeed take longer. But this isn’t the case with iPhone screen repair. However, at Ur Broken Phone, we get the fix done within a few minutes. Just step in, hand over your phone to our repair experts, you can sit in the waiting area, and your device will be delivered back to you before you start looking at the clock.

So, what to do?

With the ending remarks, we would say that don’t lose hope if your phone is broken. You may be thinking of replacing the current device with another, probably new. But we would suggest that you give your iPhone and us a chance. iPhone screen repair is not something that can’t be fixed. However, you need to act quickly to ensure no further damage to your device. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or visit Ur Broken Phone, the best iPhone repair store in Clearwater. Thanks for reading!

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