Can You Repair a Water Damaged Cell Phone

Can You Repair a Water Damaged Cell Phone

Being a smartphone user, there’s always a constant fear of water damaged cell phone. Sometimes, this constant fear comes in front of us in reality. Spilling of water, coffee, or a drink on the phone is something we all have encountered once in our lives. However, you would feel lucky if the device usually ran after drying out without any glitch.

Let’s suppose as a worst-case scenario that your phone fell into the pool, a fountain, or a river (and there’s always a chance of happening so). And now you’re thinking that what would I do in such a situation? Perhaps you’re already facing the same thing. We’re here to tell you about the consequences of water intake on the phone and how to rescue your phone from danger. We’ll also give you suggestions for smartphone water damage repair at the end.

So, without further ado, Let’s get started!

What Causes Smartphone Water Damage?

The cellphone is a cluster of tiny electronic circuits and chipboards susceptible to the external environment, especially the liquid. Nowadays, smartphone manufacturers are working on making the phone more and more resistant to water, but the devices are still not waterproof completely.

Newer phones are considerably good at resisting the water for quite a long. For example, the iPhone’s new models claim to survive up to 30 minutes completely submerged in the water. But when it comes to older or partially broken phones, the situation changes completely. A small amount of water can become lethal.

Determining A Water Damaged Smartphone

The first thing to know is whether the phone has a water-damaged problem or it’s on the safe side. To do so, look for a small liquid contact indicator. You can find it near the SIM card slot. This indicator is available mainly on all smartphones.

However, the biggest thing is observation! If you’re feeling that your phone started behaving abnormally, your cellphone is officially water damaged.

What Can Water Damage Do to Your Phone?

If your cellphone went through that moment where you could not control the things, and the phone met its worst enemy. Firstly, you’ll feel lucky if nothing happens to the smartphone. On the other hand, there could be multiple effects of the water damage. One of the most common is screen damage. The water droplets inside the screen make it blurry and lose its touch sensitivity.

Other damages by water include the camera running out of order, the battery going faulty, or the electronic chips can stop working. But this depends on the density of water intake and how much water made its way inside the phone.

Steps to Rescue the Phone Out of Water Damage

Here are the steps you can follow to recover your phone from water damage:

1. Take your phone away

The first step you need to take is to move your phone away from the wet surface. The device will be more in danger when it spends time in the liquid.

2. Power off the Phone

Second, try to turn off the phone immediately to stop further damage from happening.

3.Remove the accessories

The next step is to remove the charging plug connected to the phone. If you own an older phone. Then you can remove the back case and battery. Other accessories you need to remove are the microSD card and the SIM card.

4.Dry out the device

Place the phone on a dry surface. Use a soft cloth or a towel and dab the phone. Rubbing the phone can push the water droplets to seep inside the cracks of the cellphone.

5.Further Precautions

Try to place the phone in a dry, calm, and airy space.

6.The rick trick myth

It’s a common myth that dumbing the phone inside the rice can pull the moisture out of the device. But that’s not necessarily true. However, it may work for some people, but it’s not an advisable trick to do.

7.Turn on the phone

If you’ve completed these steps. Now you can turn on the phone after a while. The critical thing you need to note is if there’s any abnormality in the phone or if it’s running normally. If there’s any problem, we advise you to consult a professional smartphone repair store.

Summing up

A smartphone with water damage is not something that can’t resolve. Instead, you can get your phone back to normal by visiting a cellphone repair expert. If you’re thinking about looking for the best cellphone repair store for iPhone water damage repair, Ur Broken Phone is the best option for you. Our expert repair techs can put all the things right. So, visit our iPhone repair shop in Clearwater and leave the rest of the work to us. Thank you for reading!

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